stephen hall                                                   



sydney bastard baby  




This series of work started with looking at perceptions of the Australian character. I thought it could be interesting to try & find what defines us as a people by finding stories about Sydney during the first fifty years of European settlement. 

Characteristics of toughness, stoicism, humour, good intensions, militancy, defiance, decency, kindness, meddling, recklessness, exuberance, disregard, dishonesty, violence, stupidity, and racism were all there to found in the research. Many of the images are derived from actual people or events, however my approach was that of an artist not as an historian, anthropologist or social commentator, the historical information is for me a departure point, a stimulus for my imagination.

This series contains twenty works on paper and over thirty ceramic sculptures all produced between 2005 and 2008.

© stephen hall, 2008