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island dreams  




Island Dreams was originally titled Island Dreams Paris Nights due to the way the sketchbook drawings were developed for this series. Each night while on the Paris residency in 2003 I read a page of the Revelations of Saint John & drew an image in my sketchbook.  John came up with his revelations in solitude & it occurred to me how solitude, which I had a bit more of than usual being away from my family, is conducive to a high level of creative activity. Apart from the work I was there to do (some of the MVA series), I produced a large number of variously sized abstracts that were worked over with the Island Dreams sketchbook imagery two years later. These works were deliberately finished in a short period of time to create energy and a degree of creative frenzy.There are seventy two works in this series including paintings on cotton paper, etchings and sculpture.

I initially got the idea for this body of work after reading that President George Bush believed that the Revelations of Saint John that include predictions of the Apocalypse were without doubt, true.



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