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merry-andrew the limner  



The character Merry-Andrew represents me & is based on the magnificent & noble but seriously deluded Knight Don Quixote of La Mancha. The series Merry-Andrew the Limner is a “road movie” an imaginary visual autobiography that is largely wide-ranging free-wheeling thought that whilst on its way, steals from reality, my origins, past events from my life, social or political or art issues & people I know & have known. There are some parallels to the story of the adventures of Don Quixote who read too many books on chivalry & became a Knight, with all his wonderful delusions & justifications. The tale can be interpreted as a metaphor for one who has pursued a life of creative endeavour which in a sense, is considered by some to be heroic, while others believe to be no more than folly.

This series was concieved in late 2008 in the form of over three hundred sketchbook drawings. In a five month period during 2009 more than forty paintings and drawings on paper were produed,  also ten etchings, three ceramic sculptures and the large sculpture "Merry-Andrew the Limner Arrives" were completed.Merry-Andrew is yet to release his grip on me so the series will continue for some time to come.

For the full essay “Introducing Merry-Andrew the Limner" see catalogue (click).


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